Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Birthday and Halloween Oct 30 & 31

Since my hubby was gone my family threw me a Birthday party, it was so nice.

Cheesing for the camera

All lit up!

Blowing them out

Owen eating a ice cream cone, he loved it!

Dug in to, looks so good, wish I could go back! :-p

Halloween was busy, party at work, Grandma and Grandpa Diekers (Lynn and Jerry's) Aunt Cecily's and picking Nate up from the airport that night!

Baby Phillip wearing Owen's pea pod!

Mike, Fanja and Muget (Fanja's mom from Madagascar)

Little Jazz spider getting ready to hit the neighborhood!

carrying his own bucket

grabbing the candy with his little glove

Helping himself, lol

More candy

The little girls were saying how cute he was and talking to him so he thought he'd go in and play!

Making our way back to G & G's house

Checking out all his candy he got

Getting ready to go out a 2nd time with Claire in aunt Cecily's neighborhood

Riding around w/ Claire in the wagon, what a life

Wanting to take over the steering

2 Kiddos in a basket

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