Monday, February 9, 2009

New Bed Stuff

Brand new Sox Bed Set!

He loves it

the best Big Boy Bed ever!

Brushing Teeth!

Crazy hair tooth brusher

Believe it or not, this is his FAVORITE thing to do!

He even like to help ME!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lots of exciting things happened in January!
Happy boy, he's getting so BIG, 20 months now!
Showing his belly off and hanging out w/ Grandma while she gets ready for work
Talking to poppa while he's on the computer
POTTY TRAINING! He's going to hate me for this pic one day
SWEET hair
Blainey getting ready to have her baby!
Danielle and Halee!
They look good together!
Me and Halee
Owen giving her a kiss, he's ready for his baby
He's a natural!
Playing some music
Hugging Claire, he was excited to have her over to play
Playing in his room

Ticklish babies!
Partners in crime
turning the light on and off
She Loves to cheese

New Years Eve

New years eve Nate had some of his friends over
Root beers and killer bunnies
That's how we do!
Eating in the kitchen on the floor, lol
Still playing (that game can take hours!)
Everyone hanging out listening to music

December 2008

OK! Finally done w/ 2008!!!
The kids helping decorate the tree
trying to get them
new hair
cookies for cookie exchange
The kids: Owen, Rory, and Chellee
mommies/preggos and babies
Rory sleeping w/ the fishies
Chellee wanted me to be a princess
little lady
baby Phillip doing his pouty face

Hanging out in aunt Brie's room dancing
The whole gang on Christmas Eve
Kyle helping him put his shoes on, how sweet
Granny Val ;-)
He wanted daddy to wear his fishing hat
Giving him a pinch to grow an inch
Christmas morning on the way to G & G Dieker's
checking out everything
hanging out, getting ready to open presents
Me and my hubby
Opening presents
Mom's paintings we got her
Christmas Lunch
silly boy
Christmas @ G & G Longs
X-Men Trilogy
Curious George Jammies
Rory and Chellee in their Hoodies we got them!
lol, Rory w/ Chocolate all over her face
Putting Grandma great's chair up and down