Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Andover Days!

We took a school bus to the carnival and Owen got to ride in a big boy seat

the carnival, blurry

This ride was so sweet, even Mom went on it!

Fun at the carnival

Thanks for the ride Grandpa!

Owen loved the fireworks

Family at the fireworks!

the Grand Finale

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trip to Illinois

Almost there!!

This was taken in Pete and Janice's backyard. we hung out back there a lot! (fltr: Steph, Nate, Mellissa, Craig, Harrison, Owen, Brie, Mom, Dad, Adriann and Robbie)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA BECKY!!! (92 years old and going strong)

Looks like the football is going to cream Craig right in the head!

They had the longest/steepest driveway ever!

Owen loved this little train

More backyard pictures

On the front porch with Grandma, Pete and Janice

Quincy bridge over the Mississippi

This grass was so soft! so we all put our feets in it!

Inside the Mark Twain Cave

Dark and blurry...

Our tour guide John. Welcome to the Mark Twain Cave.

Graves of fallen soldiers. This Graveyard was huge.

This was outside of the cave... I remember this from like 10 years ago...

Owen James Schweizer

Born May 28th 2007

The picture says it all.

Welcome to the world Owen

Proud Grandparents

...and pround GREAT Grandparents!

Now thats safe surfin!


In 2005 we started dating, and after a few months Nate moved to Texas. We soon realized that we could not live without each other so he came back to Wichita in 2005 and we got MARRIED October 1, 2005

We met in the MOSHPIT!

Its TRUE can you find us??

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its official. we are bloggers.

Well, its about time we go ONLINE! this blogspot is for our friends and families to see how we celebrate our everyday lives and special events. We will hopefully be able to update pictures and stories often so that everyone can keep up to date with us!