Monday, January 19, 2009

Another trip to Illinois, Chicago! Oct 19-31

My first plane trip in like forever! My new job at Flextronics sent me to Chicago for training, I was pretty pumped to go, it was like a vacation almost.

St. Louis... i think, i had to connect there to get to Chicago.

They put me up in this SUITE room (get it...)

yep, Sox game

Chicago fog

Da Bears (Soldier Field)

Shedd Aquarium. we thought it was going to be amazing, so we waited outside for like and hour and then when we finally got inside, we waited for like 30 more minutes... then we found out AFTER we paid that half the aquarium was closed for remodeling. oh well, it was still pretty sweet. Owen loved it.

on our way past the Field Museum, through the entrance to Soldier Field to the aquaruim. this whole wall was a waterfall, it was really cool.

Aqua Sunroof

GIANT snake, not a toy... Owen

HUGE catfish thing.

after we got out the fog lifted. Chicago Bay. (i like this picture even though the whole bottom of this photo isnt water, its the ledge i set the camera on. oops.

SEARS TOWER!! never got to go to the top though...

All in all i was in training there for 2 weeks, it was really fun.

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