Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up...

Off to the hospital.

Last time well see you in mommys belly. Hope you like us!

Feels like weve been through this before...

Mommy looks beautiful waiting for Lily to arrive.
Any minute now....

Lily was born at St. Joseph on June 17th 2009.
She weighed 8lbs 1.8oz and was 19.75in long.
And she is a beautiful little baby girl!

We are so excited to have our little girl

Look how awesome we are.

Owen is very excited to have a little sister!

Im pretty excited too..

Lily got to meet Grandpa Long.

And Grandpa Dieker

And the rest of the Diekers! Grandma and Aunt Brie.

Uncle Matt came to visit.

Grandma Long has to hold Lily too

Adrianne loves to hold Lily.

Even Robbie held her. Unbelievable.

Lily wanted to meet Uncle Phill too.

Owen and Lily were watching TV, waiting to leave to go home.

Will post more soon, just need to find time and organize all the new pictures weve got. Its been very busy with these 2 rascals. Hopefully we can get back into a regularly posting groove... Because the world needs to see us!!!

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